re 'erotic' Bulls penis walking stick

Submitted by sandy on 9/19/00. ( )

I don't mind helping anyone with anything, like most of you people
do, but this guy asked for urgent help with an urgent problem with the
making of a bulls pizzle being made into a walking stick, then
the item is immediately advertised on Ebay!
Go and have a look.
Ebay wasn't metioned in the first instance at all.
His question really sounded serious....
I've gone and checked out his isp etc
And he's the same guy, with the same isp etc, but he's using a
different name.....
Can't help feeling a bit 'used'...
If he'd said in the first place what he wanted the information for,
I still would have given a bit of help, but not quite as much help
as what I would for what I feel is someone who really needed
assistance, like a taxidermist.
Erotic Bulls Dicks? And he say's you can wrap your fingers around the
'working end'!?!?!?!
Hmmmmmmm, I sense something a bit 'dicky' here, and would hate to
think that someone thought us a bit 'soft in the head" for being
Me thinks I wished he lived in Australia.......

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This response submitted by Heather on 9/19/00. ( )

it's not like we can control what people do with the information they seek on these boards. I'm sure there are some people reading these boards (not even asking questions) and doing something "questionable" with the's not like it's only this guy. You may think it's somewhat in bad taste for the guy to describe it in that way on eBay, but some other people won't think it's that gross. I bet a lot of things on eBay can be seen as distasteful to at least one person. I've seen people offended by the selling of hides, parts like claws, and taxidermy work on eBay. If the guy's auction is in the regular listings (not in the adult section), I guess if people complain about the auction to eBay that the guy will be forced to put the auction in the adult section instead.

Bovine dick stikes back

This response submitted by Sandy on 9/30/00. ( )

Man, you missed the point entirely.
Did you actually read what I wrote? I don't give a darn if you can
see paradise down the eye of the silly looking thing, it was just
the 'help urgently needed' part that bugged me. I take no offense to
what other people do or intimate sexually, but when they ask for help
from a professional stating one reason (desperatly needing a walking
stick urgently), and then use it for another, well, in my opinion,
they don't deserve to get help from anyone in that profession again.
Full stop. That was it. That's all I meant.... Nothing else.
So just watch out for this 'dickhead' so you don't end up wasting
time on helping him for nothing...

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