Coyote tail

Submitted by tcooper on 1/2/01. ( )

Is it necessary to get the entire bone out of the tail of a coyote? I am doing my first full mount of a coyote. When skinning the tail I found that the last 4 inches seemed almost impossible. It appeared that the hair was attached right to the bone, unlike other animals I had skinned the tail out on.

Is it OK to leave this little bit of bone in the tail or should I make the effort to get it all out?

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get it out

This response submitted by Dave on 1/2/01. ( )

It is best to remove the entire tail bone, I pull the tail bone then split the tail down to open. If It is dried out and you feel as you can not remove it, then salt rehydrated and after it has been in your acid pickle for a day or so it should have rehydrated enough to remove.

Thanks Dave

This response submitted by Tom on 1/2/01. ( )

Thanks Dave, I will continue working on getting it out. I just didn't want to do any unnecessary damage to the tail.

Tail stripper

This response submitted by LH on 1/2/01. ( )

Trappers use a device called a tail stripper when pelting furbearers that, when used carefully and properly, fix this problem. I, too, have tried to skin a coyote or fox tail and it's frustrating. Do this: Assuming you're using a dorsal incision, peel the hide down off the hindquarters and down the tops of the hindlegs. As you work the hide down, expose the base of the tail much like peeling a sock off to expose your leg. carefully cut the tendons that support the tail skin to the bone until you've exposed about two to three inches of bone. Now take a pair of slip joint pliers and put the exposed tail bone in the gap between the jaws. With one hand, grasp the pliers with the tail bone passing between your index and middle fingers. With the other hand, provide counterpressure on the coyote carcass's hindquarters with the base of the tail between your thumb and index finger. Now pull with careful and deliberate force. There will be a lot of resistance at first, but when the remaining tendons down the remainder of the tail let go, the skin will slip right off. You'll be surprised how easy this is. Take a scalpel and carefully open the tail on its bottom side along its entire length. Some guys even take a rib from an old umbrella, stick it into the hair-out tail skin, insert the tip of the scalpel blade into the groove on the rib and make a perfectly straight cut. I've skinned hundreds of coyotes, foxes, coons, mink, you name it and this methd of skinning the tail works best, every time.

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