mouse tanning......

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I was just thinking, And it's way past my bed time But I cant sleep......{yea look out} This past Christmas, I, as most of us do, get them "Christmas orders" ya know, I know I have a million people ahead of me, "but can ya do it, for me People".I tell myself every year I will not do it this year! knowing I will be suckered in feel bad, little old lady wants to surprise hubby for Christmas deals, yea I know, charge more {rush orders} bla bla. I never do. should, but don't,{ I have a Girl, Wendy That works for me, Wendy is a very sweet girl that really is a Hugh help}Hope she don't read this :)some of you might know her as {} she takes care of all my customers, takes things in, returns, e-bay, Taxidermy net, buy & selling, phone calls etc. yes she goofs up time to time. We all do. But every time I get Upset and say{I don't know If I really need you .} Her reply is "DO IT! FIRE ME MOTHER F---er" PLEASE! well I think she feels she has the upper hand! hummm, Any way If I do want to charge more and she feels it's not good. It won't happen. HEY WENDY! PUT A EXTRA $50.00 ON THIS GUYS BILL, HE DID NOT HAVE TO: stab ,electrocute ,run over, beat type things, after he shot this deer! How many times can you kill the same deer? Her reply would be{you big baby.....just fix the mans poor deer!At no extra charge. what if it was your deer}, and so on! She's a customers dream! Just not a taxidermist's......Ok enough about her. Back to the Christmas order, Things going smooth, few people say"if ya can due it for Christmas ok, no big deal if not, and so on"well 4 days before Christmas a man calls, Hey Can ya do a Christmas mouse? Well I think. to myself.....I could send it off to be freeze dried.....hummm not in no 4days.Thinking NO In my head, my mouth says sure, thinking($150.00 fast bucks!)don't even know where I got that price? funny, same price as my kids c.d player. Well in 20years. That's my first mouse,{mount}knowing the skin would be like wet toilet paper, I asked how he would like it mounted? Thinking maybe a little Santa hat? or in a little sled? it was, as he said a Christmas mouse.. Nope! I want it standing with his middle finger flipping you off!..... ha really, how ya want it? Just as I said! flipping off. umm...thinking to myself, I have no supplies on hand for this. And I am not one to do things like jackalops or pheasant fighting a fish, etc I just don't like distorting nature. But the freak. .ummm ,Man was already told ok. Well thinking to myself, what catalog would carry a mouse form...flipping me off? and ship next day air? at Christmas? Well when he called I new I would have to make every thing. eyes, form and all.{No not a big deal to rape a mouse body}Well 10 min, later the dorsal cut mouse had salt on him. YEP! No dry preserves. Lutan-f! Well after a 10 min salting and a 1min rehydrating bath, In the formic acid he went, after about 10 min he was 100% pickled.{skipping the shaving machine and wire wheel}:) I placed him in a water backing soda bath...POOF! man have you ever seen how that jiffy pop popcorn works, I think I had a little to much bakeing soda, didn't measure,. Almost thought I would have to beg to cat to get me a mouse FAST! but nope, a quick splash in the 4oz water 1/4 teaspoon lutan and a dash of salt he collapse back down. well as I could watch the lutan turn the skin white in about 5 min. a quick rinse and a few drops of oil, He was tanned. Now he was a little safer to handle. Not wanting to tumble him. {We have a Very large tumbler},I'd never find him, Or he would be in a million pieces, Got out a sandwich baggie put some saw dust in it. A quick shake and he was dry! I rapped him a body, made some epoxy eyes A small repo rock and some wire, Mounted that little c.d.player,umm. mouse up. a drop of super glue keep all his little fingers down{well all but one, the salute!}Placed him right by the heater and let him dry for 2 of my now 3 days I had left .finished him up. As the phone rang........Hey! what's taking so long on a little mouse! the man needs it{Wendy}bla bla.I said it's done! Well will he like it I asked myself...yep Just what he wanted! seems his friend was trying to catch this little mouse for a very long time, and when he finely did, He said {I wont have to have that mouse bothering me any more HA HA THE MOUSE IS DEAD THE MOUSE IS DEAD!}well the guy that had it mounted took it out of the trash when his friend was not around. Some Christmas gift The pest you were so happy to get rid of, Now looking you in the face flipping you off till you die! sorry to bother ya all with that story but It came to mind, as my only Christmas mount I had to do. when I tell that story to customers, They say {cool I should have one done} I reply, OK enjoy your deer, good luck next year, see ya, buy,^$#@%$#$ after the door closes. Well good night all!:)...........even you Wendy! Dave

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How cute was that!?!

This response submitted by Lorrie on 1/4/01. ( )

Adorable story Dave! Good for the soul. :-) Thanks! I be needin' it today.

What did you do about his little feet and tail? Did you inject them with something, or skin them out? If skinned oud, how did you fill the space? I have a little salted mouse I did a few weeks back. I am considering a mini rug. Seriously.

That is very cool as far as I am concerned. I sure hope you got a Picture! If so, post it, I for one would love to see it!


This response submitted by John C on 1/4/01. ( )

Oh yea, I think we all can related to that story, possibly in all those ways.

I think Wendy needs a raise for dealing with you.

Good way to start the morning laughing.

John C

That was good!

This response submitted by Dan K on 1/4/01. ( )

I liked that! It reminded me of the last 2 mice I tanned out. Caught them myself, tanned out flat, green felt border and backer, the works. Somebody bought one. We call them "pocket furs"! Dan K

Mice rugs rule!

This response submitted by Mousy on 6/22/01. ( )

That is the fastest tan I have ever heard of on a mouse. Mine took all 3 days.

Mine took approx. 20 minutes each to flesh and shave. Case-Skinned down to tail tips, ears half-turned. Skinning was very fast, approx. 10-12 min. per mouse. I thought of them as [and treated them like] small ermines.

I just tanned 11 of them using Lutan-F.

I made rugs!

They are SOOOOOOO cute! They are on double felt, with nose-hangers sewn between the felts, the whole 9 yards. I will sell them as cat hunting trophies. You know, people have deer heads for trophies, well, my cats have mouse rugs for trophies, and I am sure other's barn cats would want them too!

$ 40.00 each for 99% of y'all and $ 1500.00 each for the a-hole who called me crazy to make them.

Thanks for the cute (if somewhat unreadable!) story!

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