Spanish Goat Forms?

Submitted by Marc on 1/4/01. ( )

I have acquired a wild goat from the big Island of Hawaii and would like to do a lifesize mount on it. I believe it is a Spanish Goat. I have looked through all of my taxidermy magazines and have only found one form for the thing. The form I have found is in Research, a standing pose. Does anyone else carry lifesize forms for Spanish Goats, and if so can I get a # to call and get a catalog.

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LS goat

This response submitted by Craig on 1/5/01. ( )

I dont know if i can be of help but here in Australia we have a lot of wild goats which you class a spanish.What i and a couple others have used are dall rams or stone sheep bodies with the spanish head added and we found them perfect.Craig

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