Problem skinning fox

Submitted by Jim on 1/5/01. ( )

Here's the problem I just caught a fox in a snare and he's frozen. I have two questions. 1) the best way to thaw him to prevent bacteria growth as much as possible before skinning. I will probably send it to a tanner once it's skinned. 2) Any special tricks to strip the tail once it thaws. Last tail I did (maybe wasn't totally thawed) it ripped. Thanks in advance.

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DAve Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 1/5/01. ( )

If you know the fox is fresh, you should be able to set it out one evening, and skin it the next morning without trouble.

order a Tail stripper -- they work great. (you can also use 2 sticks/pencils/screwdrivers/etc.)

good luck

I use Common pliers.

This response submitted by David on 1/5/01. ( )

The way I skin most of my mammel tails is by placing the butt-end of the tail in a vise. With the tail hanging down, I then place the rounded section of the pliers around the tail and then push down on the pliers with gentle pressure. This has worked great for me.

Wire strippers

This response submitted by joe j on 1/5/01. ( )

I use ordinary wire strippers on tails.

I used a stripper

This response submitted by Jim H on 1/5/01. ( )

That's the problem. I used a tail stripper and the tail ripped. I have successfully stripped two since then but I don't want a repeat performance of the bad one. I don't know if the tail was a little frozen still or if it was damaged in some way.

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