Are seminary videos good as the instructional videos

Submitted by Leon on 1/6/01. ( )


I am going to buy a coyote or fox mounting video, I have a question, A while ago someone told me to shy away from Seminary made videos because they are diffuclt to see. I was told that I should try to get videos that are specifically made for home wieving. I was wondering how true is this. Are seminary videos hard to see and learn from them, they are surely more expesive that the video lesons, WASCO videos


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This response submitted by Dave on 1/7/01. ( )

Some of the seminar videos are of poor quality, yet I had told you about the Brenthousker tape and it is good. I have it, Better yet send me your address and I will send it to you for a few weeks {free} you pay shipping.

One On One

This response submitted by Duane on 1/8/01. ( )

I prefer the studio videos. In the seminar videos,the lighting is not all that great, and in some of the videos I have purchased the camera man seems to go to sleep. Also you can't hear the questions that the people are asking , but you hear the answers. The studio videos always have the camera in the right spot, good lighting, and you feel as if the instructer is talking to only you. All videos will help you learn, and you should not hesitate to grab one whenever possible, seminar or studio.

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