how far do I have to skin the squirrel feet and toes

Submitted by Leon on 1/7/01. ( )

how far do I have to skin the squirrel feet and toes, They are surely difficult and I do not know when to stop, do I have to get rid of all the bone and meat inside the feet and toes?, do I have to cut a line under the feet to get to the bone and meat, or you "case skin" the feet too, how to you sew the toe back together ?


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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 1/7/01. ( )

some taxidermists skin to the toes, then inject them, but I recommend that you turn them all the way to the really isn't that hard to do, and you do not need to make any cuts on the pad. the foot will invert completely.(therefore no sewing is necessary)

good Luck

Dave's correct

This response submitted by WIT on 1/7/01. ( )

Dave's right in telling you to skin all the way down to the nail. At first it will seem difficult, but a after a few times you will find it very easy to do. It will help in producing very nice feet detail.

all the way...

This response submitted by casey on 1/9/01. ( )

i am 9 years old and my dad has me skin them all the way to the last joint on each toe of the feet.

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