Texas Steer mount help

Submitted by pittenger on 1/11/01. ( specialt9@yahoo.com )

I recently had a subject who wanted me to mount a texas steer he had. I told him i didnt specialize in those and he said he didnt care if i messed it up. My question is how do i cut the skull cap off. Is it like a deer or do i have to due it like a bison. Also, can you use the DP method instead of tanning. Would it be the same principle as doing deer just bigger. Any advice would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by George on 1/11/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

I cut my steers flat topped, from the back of the skull straight across to just above the eyes. Different mannikens had different mounting for the bases. Leaving extra skull give you a little lattitude later on.

As for using DP, I wouldn't recommend it here especially. The cow hide is extremely dense and thick. Cow leather has very little stretch anyway, not at all like deer. I'd recommend that you send it to a reputable commercial tannery that will shave it. You may want to go with a wet tan since cow leather rehydration takes a little more time and effort than other animals.

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