Any cheap way to get around buying an air brush

Submitted by Tedd on 1/12/01. ( )

I'm just experimenting with taxidermy and attempting to do a bear rug. I don't want to invest in a air brush if I decide not to really get into it. Is there a way to do the bear rug with just a paint brush-what kind of paint would I use?. Even if it is not nearly as good, I'm just playing around to see if taxidermy is for me. Thanks for any helpful advice.

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This response submitted by Rob on 1/12/01. ( )

You can use a brush just use the same paint as you would with a air brush or buy the colors you need at a art store.


This response submitted by ramo on 1/12/01. ( )

You can buy an airbrush off of e-bay for 10-15 bucks. You can get one with a can of air attachment, and then you don't need a aircompressor. This is a good way to see if you realy need one or not.

Finger Paints

This response submitted by Brian on 1/13/01. ( )

Before I could afford an airbrush I used my kid's finger paints. Got a little messy but after some practice you can get really good at it! Seriously though, you can use a rather stiff,dry brush with oils or acrylics and get pretty good results. Brian

Maybe this would help

This response submitted by Pete T. on 1/13/01. ( )

Alot of Taxidermy suppliers have Paint Sampler kits that costs around $35.00 and includes the basic colors of whatever you plan on painting (Mammals,Fish or Birds)buy a few brushes in various sizes.
I have a hunch that you are going to like Taxidermy and join our Family.Good Luck and let us know how it turs out.
Pete T.

Star out right

This response submitted by LH on 1/14/01. ( )

My advice to anyone in your position - and I was there just a few years ago - is to start out right by investing in the proper tools for the job. Trying to get by with a cheap version of what you really need to have only makes the job more difficult and the results less pleasing. Thus, you may get an inaccurate perception of what taxidermy is all about. If you were considering carpentry or house construction and all they gave you to drive nails with was a pair of pliers, you'd probably not stick around too long. And that'd be a shame if you were actually a very talented carpenter. It's the same with taxidermy. Using the right tools for the job makes things go so much smoother and therefore, much more enjoyable. Not having the right tools makes it stressful and "work".

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