where i can i get this product "all-game "

Submitted by Leon on 1/13/01. ( mith124@hotmail.com )

I say in a previous post of a product call "all-game " that was used to apply a thin coat to seal the beaver feet sawing job, do you now where can I get this

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 1/13/01. ( mastertaxidermist@jam.rr.com )

All-Game is just a brand of epoxy putty, like sculp-epox, sculp-all,apoxie sculp, or magic sculpt.

The name has become kind of generic, just like "Coke" means anything other than beer that fizzes and comes in a can.(at least in the South)

Hope that helps

Touchstone Catalog 103

This response submitted by Lorrie on 2/11/01. ( Lorro1969@aolcom )

Touchstone Supply Company has it. It is listed on page 21.

2-pint Unit......MALGPT..........$14.25
2-quart Unit.....MALGQT..........$23.95

Fax # 318 746-5878
Main office Phone # 318-746-5792

I hope this helps! :-)

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