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Submitted by Ralph on 1/15/01. ( )

this is going to sound sick, but I'm writing a story about a taxidermist who is forced to preserve a dead human. a little like stephen king. of course, I don't know how it would be done. What chemicals would have to be used, etc. can anyone take a hypothetical stab at how one would go about doing something grizzly like this? what would you fill it with, what types of incisions, where. how to preserve it, that kind of thing. any details would be appreciated.

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Ralph WHY?

This response submitted by John C on 1/15/01. ( )

Undertakers already do that? Go ask them, this is not fair or right to pick on this profession. Hell why not a tractor saleman or a painter.

In the Heat of the Night did this profession damage, along with Albert Hitchcock.

You are right down the morticians alley thats exactly what they do, duh?

Hey how about a yankee preacher that lost his marbles moved south and was gonna resurecte his Mamma, now there is a true story that just needs to be written for tv.


This response submitted by the undertaker WWF on 1/15/01. ( )

I agree with john they say you can get anything you want from the internet just not on this web sight, I hope, I have seen a lot of scary movies and gross things in my life, but nothing made me squirm as much as your request no offence but that was just plain sick.

grizzly or grisly....

This response submitted by Wava Jacobchick on 1/16/01. ( Wavabob@juno.com )

either way...I'm a fan of King, just wish he'd get back to finishing the Black Tower series. Anyway, Ralph...is this a story or a book? The reason I ask is because if it is a story, you could sit down with a notebook and a good sharp pencil and use the search button to go through the archives and take notes along the way. Since you "don't know how it would be done", best to do some research. It might take a few hours, but rather than irritate these professionals, you would glean a little insight into what taxidermy is.

If what you're attempting is a longer story or a book, then you could spend $20 and buy the small mammal kit from WASCO, find yourself a squirrel and dive right in...some things it's impossible to describe to another person and you really have to SMELL the smells, FEEL the fur and the occasional punctured eyeball leak all over the back of your hand to REALLY understand "what goes into it". While your'e cutting the skin off the animal, use that writer's imagination to substitute a human being and you'll have all the research you need.

I once read about a writer of suspense that was trying to recreate the scene where the hero gets kidnapped and driven off in the truck of a car. He was having difficulty with the imagery, so he had his wife gag him and tie his hands and feet while he was in the trunk of the car, then close the trunk and drive about 5 miles. He said it was the most terrifying experience of his life and he had no problem writing about it after that. Get the drift?

Good Luck and let me know if you get it done, I'd like to read it.


Mortuary Schools

This response submitted by Greg on 1/20/01. ( gladgrover@mcleodusa.net )


I attended mortuary school in '98 and learned several ways of
preserving a body. My advise would be to contact a school and have
the instructors help out. they can explain the differences in chemical
effects on the body, different fluids used, topical powders, etc. Most
of these people will be more than happy to help you out. E-mail me if
I can be of further assistance.

Real-Stuff Taxidermy

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