beaver mounting

Submitted by pittenger on 1/19/01. ( )

I am about ready to mount my first Beaver. It is my own but hope it comes out so that i can use it for a display mount. My quesion is, if i am wanting to do a closed mouth mount and just a standing pose, how do i put on the hide. Do i have to cut the legs and put them on ounce the rest of the hide is on the form. What exactley is the trick. Help please.

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 1/19/01. ( )

First off do you have any books or videos on how to mount? I really would suggest you have them on hand to view. You will need to make different cuts in your hide and or somtimes we will cut the manikin apart and then glue it back together as we mount the specimen.

If you cut the manikin make it so you have a v cut so that the parts will go back in the same place. Also for a quick glue you should try some epo-grip to put it back together. It will set up in 5 min and you can move on. It's just better than bondo, or foam. I only use this on small mammals.

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