Need Advice - Squirrel Tail

Submitted by Woody C on 1/19/01. ( )

When you finish your Squirrel mount -- are you really satisfied with the tail? - I just can't seem to get the shape or fullness I'm wanting. -- Any tips or pointers would sure be appreciated.

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This response submitted by Scott on 1/19/01. ( )

Here's the way I do it. Use reference pictures and study them to see how a squirrel holds it's tail in different situations. I fill the tail with latex caulk to give it its fullness and insert a small wire in it to give me the shape. I then brush the fur backwards to give it that full fluffy look. I will continue to pay special attention to the tail while it is drying because if the tail isn't right then the whole squirrel doesn't look good. I have always had good results doing it this way . Hope this helps.
Scott Tuttle
Scott's Taxidermy Studio

Tadoot tadoot!

This response submitted by Ernie on 1/20/01. ( )

This should help. When I mount squirells I pickle and Tan them using e-z tan 100 from Rittel's. After tail is mounted I inject a small amount of Formaldahyde in it, then, take a empty paper towel roll and insert it over the tail and leave it in what i would call a back brushed positiom for approx 4 hours. If you are not into using the Formaldahyde leave this on for a min. of 24 hours. When you pull it off the next day pow a beautiful Fluffy Tail. This also works on foxes. Hope this helps. In the Art, Ernie

Another method

This response submitted by Len G. on 1/21/01. ( )

The artificial tails from Flynn's Forms work very nice, just make sure that they are not a tight fit. You can brush on Liqua-tan inside the tail which will give you better drying results.With the wire in the tail, just bend it to the desired shape according to reference pictures. To get the fullness to the tail, just use a blow dryer and large pin and keep adjusting it until it stays. ( It may take a couple of days for the hair to stay in position.

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