Fleshing Machines

Submitted by Joe on 1/22/01. ( Birdworks@spokaneweb.com )

I'm interested in purchasing a fleshing machine. They all seem
very expensive and over priced. Is there really a difference in the
quality between brands and models?
I'm interested in the Dakota 4 sold by Van Dykes (399.00). It's a
smaller sized machine that is suppose to work well on small mammals
and on detail areas such as the face. The machine seems
like a good deal and I do a lot of small mammals. Do the larger
standard size models work ok for small mammals? Any advice would be
really appreciated. Thanks-Joe.

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Save your money

This response submitted by Jeff C on 1/22/01. ( jc2@nycap.rr.com )

and get the bigger machine.With the small one your limited in what you can do with it.I have the big dakota(had the small one,sold it)i can do all my detail fleshing with it. YOu just have to adjust the gaurds.

raw hide

This response submitted by D.Price on 1/22/01. ( )

check into raw hide table mounted machine. works on minks or moose.

I have a Dakota IV

This response submitted by Todd B on 1/22/01. ( trigger@indy.net )

I will disagree with Jeff C. You are not limited with the small one it just
takes a little longer to do some things with it. I can do a whole deer cape
with mine without a problem. Depending on your financial situation
will be the determining factor of which machine you should get.
I would agree with Jeff about saving to get a larger machine if possible.
If not one of the smaller machines will be fine.

Todd B


This response submitted by M.T. on 1/23/01. ( )

Save your money,and learn how to use a knife.I bought a Dakota IV,watched the video,and decided I could flesh and shave a cape just as fast on a beam with a knife.Maybe Vandykes sell just thier video on it,check it out and decide for yourself.As far as small game goes,invest in a good beam and youre all set.

fleshing machine

This response submitted by preserved in time taxidermy on 2/7/01. ( vervet@penn.com )

dakota 2 brand new never used reasonabley priced

fleshing with rawhide

This response submitted by D. Patton on 3/24/01. ( )

The rawhide machine is very rough and a little like riding a horse at
a trot. A lot of vibration and tough to get the knack of sharpening.
Find a Reliable Fleshing Machine and you can't go wrong. Also,
Scat-Trac, Eager Beaver, Quebec. All worth checking into.

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