Help with laying down fox

Submitted by Jim on 1/24/01. ( )

I'm preparing to mount a red fox laying down and was wondering the best way to get the back leg skin into position. Would it be easier to split and remove one rear leg, insert into the skin then reattach or just cut a groove between the two legs and taxi the skin into position with a lip tucker or similar instrument. This is to be my first competition fox and want to do the best possible. Thanks in advance.

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Forms are made to come out of the mold easy

This response submitted by John C on 1/24/01. ( )

Therefor you need to cut grooves using a 1/4 inch drill bit. Cut the groove between the back legs also look at some photos and cut a groove behind the front leg too. John C

If it's a comp pc...

This response submitted by BobB on 1/24/01. ( )


If it's a pc for competiton, you have to cut that space open and taxi the skin where it natually belongs. As John suggested forms are made to be removed from molds, not necassarily to provide the exact anatomy of the species.

As a comp pc, you also want to think about adding detail to forms, not just cleaning it up before attaching the hide. The molds simply can not replace mother nature.


This response submitted by Jim on 1/24/01. ( )

I am aware the skin needs to be taxied into the groove but was wondering if this task would/could be made easier by removing one leg, inserting the leg into the skin, pull the skin over the other leg then reattach the loose leg then continue mounting.

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