Fox eyes don't look right

Submitted by Jim on 1/26/01. ( )

I just got a set of Tohicken IQ250 fox eyes and the pupils are off center and one pupil is noticeably bigger than the other. I'm doing this piece for an upcoming competition and I don't think I want to use these eyes. I am assuming the pupils should be centered and of equal size. Should I get another set or do fox eyes have slightly offcenter pupils?

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This response submitted by DON W on 1/26/01. ( )

jim, unless you want to enter a fox with an eye problem, get another set of eyes with pupils centered and of the same size!

good luck in the competition,


I have had that

This response submitted by Dave on 1/28/01. ( )

Funny, I have had the same problem with the last few sets of eyes I have got from them. coyote, wolf and the last gray fox? what's up with that? New people? wrong paint settings?

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