Lifesize coyote mount skinning?

Submitted by Ed on 1/26/01. ( )

I am new to taxidermy and I am getting ready to mount a lifesize coyote in the sitting position. Looking for replies on the best way to skin for this mount. Should I use a dorsal or belly cut? Should I split the legs or just tube them? Any help is appreciated.

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dorsal and tubed......

This response submitted by eric on 1/26/01. ( )

is the way to go for a sitting position then all you have to do is put hide on form like a shirt sort of speak without having to sew all the legs just one incision up the back.....just insure you dont cut the hair when making incision and that you sew close tight stitches...

you may have to

This response submitted by CHUCK on 2/11/01. ( )

Cut a small incision at the back of the legs just above the foot pads to get the skin off and to get all the foot out cut the toes off at the last joint . I cut em where the fur gets fuzzy or fluffier than the other fur,hides the stitches .

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