First Lynx

Submitted by Dave on 1/30/01. ( )

Got 2 lynx from a friend in Canada. (Have all necessary paper work). These will be my first lynx to mount. Both have been case skinned and tanned. Not sure how they were tanned. What is the best way to rehydrate them? How should measurements be made to get right form?Also where can a person find a decent selection of lynx forms or can bobcat forms be used? The eyes on both have been sewn shut. I take it that this was done to prevent claws from ripping eyes during the tanning process. Also should hide be sewn up and dorsal cut be made to help in the mounting process? Any other feedback or tips about mounting these lynx would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for all the questions, just want to be sure of things before I proceed. Thanks to all who are willing to respond.

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This response submitted by JIM Arrowhead taxidermy on 2/11/01. ( )

Dave to address your question about the dorsel cut dont worry
about sewing up the incision for the tube skinning, just make a
small dorsel cut from right between his ears down just far enought
to get the front half of the form in (ie) cut your form in half
in a wedge shape this later alows the form to go back together
properly. after the front half is in place than bring the rear
half in threw the rear incision, use bondo to weld them together.

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