Wolf Ears

Submitted by Bruce Norton on 1/31/01. ( )

I ordered a lifesize wolf form, jawset, eyes, and wolf earliners from VanDykes. The sent me BEAR earliners. I called their customer support number and was told that this is what they send out for wolf ears and have been doing it that way for 20 years. I've mounted bears before, but this is my first wolf. In my opinion, the ears don't look alike at all. Bear ears are rounded while wolf ears are more pointed. I ended up ordering a set of wolf ears from WASCO after being assured that they do look like a wolf ear.

Anyone had any experience in using bear earliners for a wolf? Would they work? I can't believe Van Dykes substitutes bear earliners for a wolf.

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This response submitted by Dan on 1/31/01. ( Perdix2@hotmail.com )

Just because it's done by some, doesn't mean that it is correct. Bear ears and wolf ears are TOTALLY different. I hope you sent the wolf... I mean bear earliners back.

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