Black Bear Gull Bladders ( is there a market? )

Submitted by Doug on 5/25/01. ( )

I live in Nova Scotia Canda, it is the only province in canada allowed to sell them legally. Im curious to know if there is a market out there for them. and if there is, what is a fair price to sell them for?

Reason im asking is some cliants want to know if i will buy the bladders off them this fall.

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Try China

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 5/25/01. ( )

I'm not trying to be cute, but selling bear galls in this country is a very serious offense. I've seen sting operations on TV where they bust guys for selling them. I'm not sure if it's federal or state to state, but I don't think you will have much luck selling them here. The Chinese buy em like candy, something about making their sticker peck out..... You see the Chinese woman grind it up and put in their husbands tea, (when he's not looking) and whamo, before he knows it she's got him pinned down and, Well the rest is elementary. It isn't pretty though.

Bear paws too...

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 5/25/01. ( )

The chinese still drag their cave ancestor's methods along with them into the twentieth century. The use a lot of mammalian and reptilian products in attempts to remaine virile and keep good vision and retard aging.

I personally think it a terrible waste of wildlife to feed those pagan practices and feel that the slaughter that has taken place to keep some old Asian's pecker straight is foolish and wanton. The depletion of shark populations, the endangerment of rhinos in Africa and Tigers in Asia are all directly as result of primative beliefs among people who profess to be modern.

I have done extensive travel and business in China, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia. One of their great treats is a soup made with the skinned paw of either a tiger or bear. These mental midgets actually believe the soup imparts the strength and courage of the bear or tiger to them by consuming it.

Since your country has traded a lot of its former principles for the money Chinese immigration brought to the Vancouver, BC area, I would suggest you seek a market there for the gall bladders via the Chinese food importers and distributors. I sure hope that creating a demand for the product there doesn't leave a lot of bears pawless and gall-less as it did the costal sharks when the fin market got out of hand.

forget it

This response submitted by jim marsico on 5/25/01. ( )

Used to be that bear gall bladers were graded as to size and color and handling. You have to tie them off perfectly and freeze them. They are a food export , so they are open to all the federal regs along with all the fed. wildlife regs, and I dont believe they are legal at all to sell any longer, I wouldnt waste a lot of time finding out either, just forget them, they and thier selling give sportsmen and hunting a bad name, leave it alone.

I think he means..........

This response submitted by Lars on 5/26/01. ( )

GULL's bladders. Not to be confused with Herring Gulls, The inland Bear Gull is not protected and can be slaughtered at any time for his inards to sell for profit . It is a very prolific breeder and is an inexhuastable supply for those who consume the bladders for "better than Viagra" results. A time honored past-time in many Asian countries, the annual "Gathering of the Bladders" event has reached Event Status and was recently covered by CBS and CNN. A chubby talk show host was a participant in the latest event and was last seen eating Gull bladders as fast as she could remove them. The bladders were almost as poular as the stir-fried lungs, which are reported to enhance breathing and many smokers are swearing by them! This is all true and feel free to take this info as gospel, just like everything else that is on TV and the papers, and this forum.


This response submitted by Patsquatch on 5/27/01. ( )

It's TRUE! I've taken them Bear Gull bladders many times with amazing results! A friend of mine recently asked me, " Can you get it over the counter?" to which I replied, " I can if I take three!"

Bear Galls

This response submitted by Bob on 5/31/01. ( )

Hello Doug:
Bear Galls are still legal to sell in New York, They are listed
as (visera?)not the same as (parts) And it is a state by state law. I don't know
where you should try to sell them other than to find a local buyer
in your area seeing how it is legal there as well, But don't give them away.
They can get into the thousands of dollars once they are in a shop and dried
but the average prices I see usually start around $250.00 per gall (raw) and
go up from there depending on size and density. Check with the buyer first
before you decide to sell any, The buyers I have dealt with just want them
tied off and hung to dry. Make sure you keep tag numbers etc. with the gall.
I do not believe in killing animals for those reasons but if the bear
is legally taken I'd rather sell the gall then just toss it out.

Not an aphrodisiac

This response submitted by Bob on 5/31/01. ( )

Contrary to popular references of bear gall bladders being used to stimulate
sexual potency, bear bile is not prescribed as an aphrodisiac in the classic
tenets of TCM. Medical applications include treatment of life-threatening
cancers, burns, pain and redness of the eyes, asthma, sinusitis and pain in
general. Bear gall bladder is also used to treat serious liver ailments and as a
tonic to prevent liver damage from over-consumption of alcohol.

China, Japan and South Korea together consume nearly 100 tonnes of
synthesized UDCA every year -- well over half the world's annual
consumption. However, no documentation attests as strongly to the continuing
popularity of bear gall bladder in East Asia as does China's bear bile farms,
where nearly 10,000 bears are kept and bile is routinely drained from live
bears through devices implanted surgically in their gall bladders.

Japan is unique among the East Asian markets because it has its own
substantial wild populations of Asiatic Black and Brown Bears. Hunting bears
and selling their gall bladders is legal. On average, nearly 20 per cent of Japan's
Asiatic Black Bear population and more than 14 per cent of its Brown Bear
population are killed each year for sport and nuisance animal control. Prices
paid to hunters for gall bladders vary, ranging from US$2,000 to US$10,000


This response submitted by Doug on 5/31/01. ( )

Thanks for the info Bob, i got a few contacts in Japan, so i think i'll give them a call.

BTW im not out to slaughter Bears just for body parts. my cliants are going to kill a bear this fall anyway(for the meat) and like Bob said....instead of tossing it away (like i use to) why not make a couple bucks. You never know maybe me selling it may save the life of a bear else where =).

legally hunted bear bladder for bid

This response submitted by bflyinghawk on 6/30/01. ( )

thank you, Barbara

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