bear field dressing / what should be done?

Submitted by Gary Ludden on 09/02/2002. ( )

I am hoping to get a bear this season and want to get a bear skin rug. What is the proper way to dress the bear in the field? What is the best way to perpare the meat?
Thank you.

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field dressing

This response submitted by Linda C. on 09/02/2002. ( )

Gary, the best advice you can get is to field dress that animal as soon as possible and get it somewhere QUICK to have it skinned and cooled.Try your best to keep your gutting cut as centerline as possible to give you the widest belly possible.An off center line causes trimming on the opposite side to even things out.Many taxidermists don't charge for skinning if they mount the animal.Check with whoever is going to do the mount for you for their for the preference is to find someone to give it


This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 09/04/2002. ( )

Gary, Main thing is to get that skin cold quick as you can. The meat too of course. I took in a real good bear that was mis-handled last year and the rug was not as nice as it could have been had the hunter not rode it all over showing it to his buddies. He lost all of the meat from a bear weighing well over 500 lbs and 6 1/2' long and some slippage resulted from the bacteria that damaged the skin. Lots of people go prepared to hunt but not prepared for success. Have a plan in place before you shoot the bear, talk to your taxidermist about how he likes the skin taken off (it's different depending on what you plan to do with it), and be prepared to butcher or have it done. The fat layer on the carcass is a great insulator that holds the body heat in where it can quickly ruin the meat. Note-a couple of bags of ice shoved into the body cavity is NOT good enough to save your bear! Enjoy your hunt and be safe, Aaron H.

Bear meat

This response submitted by Brian on 09/05/2002. ( )

You may want to look into somthing i read about bear meat containing trichynosis, i hope thats how you spell it, like pork, and should be cooked well done and not rare. putting some of the tougher portions in the grinder will give you great bear-burger and the hind qarters can be roasted like a leg of lamb or a ham.
Just remember to cool your kill as fast as possible this keeps meat and skin fresh longer.

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