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I have a 7ft. bear skin that was killed about 10months ago. He was dry tanned and shaved. The guide bought the manikin from measurments at that time. I put the manikin together all but the head. He put the jaws and eyes in useing clay. What do I do now? Is the clay alright for holding the jaws? Will one inch staples hold the hide or should I sew it? I'm a half A-- taxidermist but I would like someone that knows what they are doing to help. Thanks Very Much.

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Please get a video from WASCO or other supplier

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Take the time to do the job right. check over the tanning and hide preparation and for goodness sake, get a video and learn some techniques from it. Or, if possible, find a local "qualified" taxidermist and ask for his/her help and advice.

If the hide/skin/cape is alright, and the supplies are top notch,--your finished product will reflect on YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL LEVEL AS WELL AS YOUR CRAFTSMANSHIP ABILITIES.



This response submitted by Stewart Lightsey on 09/11/2002. ( )

Thanks for nothing.......If you did'nt want to be bothered why even answer.


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Stewart,His response was not as inappropriate as it seems.There is so much involved in doing one of these that no one can fully cover your question here.The response about getting a video was what I too would have reccomended.If nothing else find someone in your area to give you a general outline.When you have a question about something specific look in the archives and if you can't find it then ask.


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Call back when you can TRULY claim to be at least a "half-a$$ed" taxidermist, as at this point, you have obviously not earned the right to use any part of "taxidermist" in honest referral to yourself.

bear problems

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USE bondo for jew set try hide on for fit . mark manikin
remove hide shave and sand fit hide again .you can use
a truck tube to strech the hide paste and sew 1/4 stichs
call if any questions 330 8259278 Jack

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