how to clean a mt. lion?

Submitted by Matt on 09/18/2002. ( )

I mounted a Mt. lion about 4 weeks ago and I'm ready to do the finish work. My problem is I sprayed show sheen(hair polisher)on the cat and it has left a slight oily residue. I want to clean this from the cat and I'm willing to take him outside and give him a bath if I have too. Is thier something I can just spritz on and rub out, or do I have to give him the full shampoo treatment?

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Give him a bath

This response submitted by Superpig on 09/18/2002. ( )

made the same mistake with a bobcat not too long ago. The only way to get that residue out of his hair is to shampoo him down and give him a bath. Actually I do that with all my furbearers and cats, it makes for a nicer looking pelt. You can use any kind of regular over the counter shampoo. I use Suave. Makes them smell nice too.

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