Bear pads split

Submitted by Doug on 09/18/2002. ( )

You've got a "fish guy" here working on a one-time bear, so be I skinned my bear, and on the advice of a close-by colleague, split the pads down the middle down to the toes. The feet were skinned down part way to the toes, and now I'm ready to skin the toes. I can handle that too. I have 2 questions. 1) Since this is NOT a big bear (180 lbs) will I need to wire the claws or not? 2) Is it necessary to flesh out all of the tissue inside of the pads before salting?

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Maybe and yes

This response submitted by Linda C. on 09/18/2002. ( )

as for wiring the claws..depends on the tannery you're sending it to.Some require it.The tanneries I have used have never required it and I have never lost a claw.Fleshing pads is like fleshing any other part,get it down to the skin or pad.Hope that helps.

Thank you

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Thanks for the!

Cable Ties

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When you dry the skin, make sure that the paws are inside out. Gather the skin of the foot just above the toes, or as close as you can and put a cable tie around it. Send it to the tanner with instructions to leave it that way. You will have some sawdust to deal with but the claws will not be lost or freyed on the tips from the drumming.

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