teeth/tongue for real fur teddy bear

Submitted by Loretta Rock on 09/20/2002. ( winneybears@yahoo.com )

I make artist collector bears out of recycled fur and mohair fabric and I want to insert real looking teeth and a tongue inside the mouth area. No better place to ask than this forum, right guys and gals?
Question is what small animal best represents a bear's teeth? and what was the size in length of the animal?

I have a few taxidermist catalogs just don't know what to buy.
If I can even get a sample of the proper look of " bear" teeth and tongue I could use that as a model to make my own out of clay for my bears........Sure hope somebody can help me, please e-mail me at winneybears@yahoo.com

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This response submitted by steveingeneva on 09/23/2002. ( )

most taxi catalogs have "jawsets" for bear mounts. and most have pictures of said "jawsets". if your catalog doesnt have pictures, try a couple of the others.

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