big cats

Submitted by Lori on 09/21/2002. ( )

I am curious about big cat sightings in NY - northern NY to be exact.I have heard reports of a large black mt. lion type cat in St. Lawr.cnty im the Massena - Wintrop - Colton area. I had some awlful scratches on one of my mares about 10 days ago - who happens to have a foal at side - the scratches were on the neck, passing through the jugular area, breaking and then continuing to the withers and top of back. DEC could not agree - one thought cat,"possibly" but the other said wire eveidence of that on the fence anywhere - and Iv'e owned horses for 15 years - I know a wire cut when I see one

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black cat?

This response submitted by Bud W on 09/21/2002. ( )

We have a long standing myth about black cats in our area of Texas. I have delved into the validation of these cats and have found the reporting of large black cats to be universal - even in Australia. A lot of these come from the legend of the circus or exotic breeder that had an excape.
If you look into the net searches you will find that most experts will agree that there are no species of large black cats. There are however black phase colors of jaguar and african leopard that can occur. Neither of these I would imagine are candits for your area. I have found no legitimate postings of our native cougar being found in a black phase but I have had some of the darker almost charcaol color through my studio and they I imagine look almost black if wet or at low light.

Re: Big Cats

This response submitted by Mark Heiden on 09/21/2002. ( )

Last year there was a rumor of a Big Cat in the Hammond area? This is the first I've heard about a cat this close to me (Madrid area). I'll keep my ears open and quiz my vet next week.

Mark Heiden
Fall-View Holsteins and Belgian Blue's
Madrid,New York


This response submitted by Liz on 09/21/2002. ( )

You say legend that a circus or exotic breeder had an escapee like it's something out of the 1800's and would never really happen.

First of all, look at the internet. There are so many places, many in states like Ohio, where you can buy just about anything you want! From old, surplus zoo animals to captive bred big cats, bears, tigers, anything and everything exotic that you would want. Many people buy these animals when they are small and cute, not realizing that they are going to become huge animals that require constant care and huge quantities of food. So, maybe not an escapee, but more like an animal someone decided they couldn't handle and let go. It happens ALOT. How many alligators have they found in your neck of the woods lately? Piranha? Snake head fish?

St.Lawrence County

This response submitted by Bob on 09/21/2002. ( )

I live in St. Law. County also and have heard of several people who
claim to have seen a large black cat around the trout lake area
and as far over as Hermon. Maybe we should start a cat sighting group
kinda like the bigfoot folks.. lol..

Black cat in Texas

This response submitted by John Barber on 09/21/2002. ( )

I have seen black (cougar) twice, one time I was close enough to see grey hair on his muzzle area . I live in the Houston area (and do not drink) Also heard of them south of Waco. Could be a big black cat but I would guess he would attack the foal not your mare.

More possibly a bear.

This response submitted by John C on 09/21/2002. ( )

Been hearing the same black cat stuff from east Texas, will one was caught last week, turned out to be a bear that had attached several horses. Bear had been tagged near Ash Down, Arkansas in 1999 as a cub.


This response submitted by Bud W on 09/22/2002. ( )

This reminds me of a cute twist on an old saying - "I never would have seen it if I hadn't believed it with my own two eyes."
I have close friends who believe in the black cats. They don't much like discussions on breeding populations, range of territory and life span. It sorta takes the romance and adventure out life.
Sorry about you horse and best wishes for recovery. You might have a large cat in the area but it's most likely not a black mountain lion.
I think there was a lively black cougar discussion in the archives.

Black or not?

This response submitted by Superpig on 09/22/2002. ( )

brown colored animals like cougar can appear to be pitchblack in certain lights. We recently saw a grey fox who was standing at close range under the shadow of a cedar tree. The way the light fell, the fox looked pitchblack even at a close distance. Not until the fox came out from the shadow did the true color of the fox show. We have witnessed this with our cattle as well. This is probably the most likely explanation for black cat sightings. If black cats were as common as the sightings, how come no one ever has come up with a photo, viedeo or actuall specimen of one? Just something to think about. Lighting can play a nice little trick on your eyes. I personally will not be convinced of the exixtence of melanistic cougars (which according to most zoologist do not exist) until someone drops the carcass on my workbench.

NY Cougars?

This response submitted by Bill K. on 09/23/2002. ( )

Although there are confirmed cases of cougars being found in NY, I believe that they have all been proven to be releases and are not suspected to be part of a wild breeding population.

Somewhere out there is an organization that keeps taps on NY cougar sightings and most of their interviews result in "city folk sightings" of a fisher. You really have to use your imagination but I suppose if you didn't know any better and you were told that their were "Black Panthers" around, a large black animal with a very long tail might just fill the void in their mind.

Any number of things could have caused the wounds similar to the ones described. Maybe it was a wolf ;-)

black cat

This response submitted by tj on 09/23/2002. ( )

it was probably a cougar, there just like anyother animal, 2 brown dogs can produce, tan , white, black, ect. so it was prabably ablack mtn. lion. i/v seen a few around here (texas) but it is unusual that it went after the mare, insted of the foal. when we ha problems with the big cats, we usually lose, calfs, hogs, smaller things, every now and again, the would try to get our cows, but they, (the big cats) usually lose the battle, and the voltures get a free meal.

No black cats in TX

This response submitted by Superpig on 09/23/2002. ( )

I live in Central Texas and lots of my customer claim they have seen black cougars. TJ and John Barber I bet you have not seen a "black " cougar, but merely a darker colored, yet brown, cougar. If all those sightings were true, and lord knows they have been numerous, how come no one ever has been able to produce a photo or body of one? Even TX Parks and Wildlife doesn't believe in the black cougar myth. It sort of like those UFO's. Thousands of people claim to see them all the time but no one can produce a convincing photo or an actual craft. Bring me a black cougar to my shop and I shall be convinced of their existence. Until then, they are nothing but a legend.

One more thing

This response submitted by Superpigq on 09/23/2002. ( )

if it was a cougar that attacked that mare, it probably tried to get to the foal but the mare protected it. Most likely she fought off the cat and in the process received those injuries. A few weeks ago a cougar(not a black one and it was confirmed as a cougar kill by Parks and Wildlife) killed a full grown horse just five miles from where we live. I guess if they are hungry enough they attack just about anything.

I disagree supperpig

This response submitted by Bill K. on 09/23/2002. ( )

UFO's are real. If you identify them then they become IFO's. As long as you don't know what they are then they are UFO's. Just another point to ponder. Sorry bout that.... been thinking again.

Black Cat in Texas

This response submitted by Rad on 11/04/2002. ( )

I heard another claim of a black cat in Texas today. This one was spotted very plainly in the middle of a county road in the southeastern Hill Country. I believe that this may actually be a black phase of the South American Jaguar, which is the same species as the African Leopard. This is the only cat, to my knowledge, which has a black phase, and they used to be native to Texas before ranchers hunted them to extinction. They are still considered native to Northern Mexico, although extremely rare. I would like to hear everyone's opinion on this. Thanks!

There was a pet cougar kept in chippewa bay NY .

This response submitted by Terry on 11/26/2002. ( none )

A few years ago there was a man that had a cougar as a pet that lived in Chippewa bay, NY. That is very close to Hammond. I don't know what ever happened to it though.

There was a pet cougar kept in chippewa bay NY .

This response submitted by Terry on 11/26/2002. ( none )

A few years ago there was a man that had a cougar as a pet that lived in Chippewa bay, NY. That is very close to Hammond. I don't know what ever happened to it though.

Black Cougar or Black Panther?... same thing?

This response submitted by Tom on 01/15/2003. ( )

I live in central Texas, and have all my life. and have heard MANY sightings in this area, most were within 50 miles or less from where i lived. i know there is Cougar in Texas, and know that is not the issue here, what i want to know is there a difference between a Cougar and a Black Panther? same thing? or not? and what are the chances of a Black panther being in Texas .. something to ponder on...Thanks, reply would be appreciated, Tom

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