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Submitted by Jim on 09/20/2002. ( )

My cousin recently killed his 5th bear in Quebec. He doesn't, well his wife to be doesn't want another bear mount in the house. He said I am welcome to it. He knows I am working towards my license and this bear will give me the opportunity to mount another big game specimen for my test. Is there anything illegal about aquiring a bear in this manner. He is giving me this bear and expects nothing in return,until get my license I'm sure. Thanks in advance.

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 09/21/2002. ( )

You can have it gifted to you but you must have all the proper paper work. You will need his name, address, phone, all license numbers and you should have him fill a paper out saying that this was gifted to you. Keep all this information on hand should you ever be asked on how you received it.
Now don't ever think about giving it back to him or selling it....

PS Before I would do a bear for my test I would make sure you know what your doing. If you do and know how to make it anatomically correct then and only then would I take such a large specimen for a test.

Thanks Frank

This response submitted by Jim on 09/23/2002. ( )

Nuff said.

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