Do You Hate splitting and fleshing bears?

Submitted by Tarheel Taxidermy Services on 09/24/2002. ( Tanprep@CarolinaFurDressing.Com )

We will gladly except your bears frozen, remove the foot and tail bones, split lips, nostrils, eyes and ears, flesh clean, salt and hang dry. Bears can either be returned back to you or tanned at Carolina Fur Dressing. The work is done by professional shavers with much experience in this area of work. Prices are from $70-110 and $15 extra for removing skulls. Call Kevin at 919-365-4643 for more information or email at TanPrep@CarolinaFurDressing.Com. (Please include mailing address)

***Great prices on other animals, deer $18***

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good prices

This response submitted by b bishop on 09/24/2002. ( bishops@newnorthnet )

It's nice to see you charging what this job is worth. Alot of taxiderist do this service for free if they get the mount and that may be fine for squirrels but that's about it. It's no wonder they get sick of it !

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