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Submitted by Mike Dunbar on 09/27/2002. ( )

I took in two 300lb + bear Wednesday, and since I work nights had to finish one and put the other in the freezer. I fleshed the second bear yesterday before it froze, and boy it was a "bear". The fat was glued on. Question is, do some bear just flesh tough, or was it because it was chilled? I use a beam and draw knife style fleshing knife. I only did a few last year, and it seemed to me the smaller bear fleshed much easier, especially after the fat was firmed up in the freezer. Are bigger bear just tougher to flesh?


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This response submitted by b bishop on 09/27/2002. ( )

Some are very tough and others are easy.

Thanks Brad

This response submitted by Mike on 09/27/2002. ( )

! Good luck hunting.

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