shooting a beaver

Submitted by andy on 11/13/2002. ( )

i have an interesting situation. The place where my friend hunts duck is directly next to a beaver den-he sees them every time he goes out. The refuge where he hunts wants him to kill as many as he wants/can. I offered to skin and tan the beaver because the pelt can be used (if it's gotta die anyway). I have been doing my homework, and i feel like i'll know what i'm doing (this is my first experience with anything vaguely like this). My problem- the beaver will die through a shotgun, not a rifle or trap. Now, i don't plan to sell the pelt, i plan to give it away. and the people i plan to give it to aren't going to make anything big out of it. but how will the holes change the process, if at all? thanks

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This response submitted by dave on 11/13/2002. ( )

trapping would be best,but if your going to shoot them,try to use a 22 for the least amount of hide damage. Also be aware that if you shoot them in water, they can sink, so dont shoot thinking all will float.

WOW - So many problems here!

This response submitted by Raven on 11/13/2002. ( )

copied my post from your other post and pasting it here.. double posts get erased so this way all yer answers are in one spot...

First the legal issue.. ya cant just run around blowin beaver apart, they are a classified furbearer - not varmine - totally different laws regarding them I'm sure. In Ontario you need special licenses n stuff - Im sure its probably the same in the States? Just cause its ona refuge doesn't make it ok. Here even if they are gnawig away on yer expensive as hell trees, ya still need special permission to pop em.. and no its not because they are a national animal...

Secondly... you shoot a beaver theres a dang good chance the sucker is gonna dive and stay down and die down there in a food brush pile or in its lodge if yer not gettin a guaranteed clean kill. Meaning - you lose the beaver.

Third... what kinda gun ya usin? Ya mentionned duck hunting so Im guessin yer using summin bigger than a 20 gauge and tighter than a cylinder bore... say a modified or improved 12 gauge? That'll put one hell of a hole in a beaver if yer shootin it close range. If yer not shootin it close range - yer not guarnateed a clean kill hence the diving...

SO - heres a better idea.. learn to take them properly and talk to a trapper - theres a a tonne of them here =)


This response submitted by andy on 11/13/2002. ( )

thanks, ya'll. just some clarification:
the nat'l wildlife refuge has asked us to pop them. i don't know why, but i do see the damage they are doing. their business.

thanks for the bit about them sinking- that would become an issue. i'm currently thinking about asking my friend to use a trap, but because he is already carrying a 40+ pound wet, stinky thing back to his car (a hike of approx. 1.5 miles), i'm reluctant to ask for more. idealy i could take time off to go out with him and take care of it myself. but with traps comes expense- like i said, this is a donation, so i'm not keen on the idea of spending big bucks. anyway, thanks for all your advice and keep it coming!

One More Thing...

This response submitted by Raven on 11/13/2002. ( )

Make sure ya eat em! Not joking - beaver is SOOOO good - cook it jsut like a beef roast but make sure its well done... the old timer I used to get beaver from gave up his line so sadly I havent had beaver in 5 years or so - but DANG its yummy! Dont pass up an opportunity!

#4 buck shot

This response submitted by Ron on 11/13/2002. ( )

Where I live beaver are classified as a pain in the a$$. You can kill them 365 days a year even at night if you get a permit for night hunting. I used to finance all my elk hunting trips by shooting beavers and collecting a bounty per tail. I figure I have killed over 500. Tell your friend to take a couple #4 Buckshot with him. They spread out and do little damage to the hide at all. However I've killed many with bird shot that were just fine as long as you arn't too close. Be forewarned though that a beaver shot in the head raises holy hell. They will kick and splash and knock around for ever and when they stop they sink most of time. You'll have to grab them up quick. A body shot beaver seams to die on the spot and will often float. Can't explain it but I've seen it over and over. Also, if you have never skinned a beaver they are tough but they are a good hide to practice tanning as they do not slip as easly as a fox or coyote.

Just a thought

This response submitted by Oddball on 11/13/2002. ( )

My 2 cent's; Why in the world would you carry a 40 lb grease ball 1.5 mile's? When you could hike in a 16 oz. knife? Food for thought, Oddball.

how DARE you Oddball! >:(

This response submitted by Raven on 11/13/2002. ( )

The nerve and arrogance you displayed in that post! How DARE you come to this forum and actually make SENSE! ;) hehe - PSYCHE! That does seem to be a better idea eh? even if ya dont fully skin it there as it would be a pain in the field to do a quality job I suppose.. but ya could at least field dress it... no need to go far a case incision afterall...

Good idea =)


This response submitted by LH on 11/16/2002. ( )

seals, and all mammals have, to some extent, a cetacean diving reflex which starts with water triggering nerves in the face. The result is a slowing of the heart and metabolism. In beavers, like many aquatic and semi-aquatic animals, the lungs all but collapse and the air they contain is forced into the blood which is stored in the larger muscle masses, thereby all but eliminating any buoyancy that would make the poor beaver work all the harder to stay submerged. Whack 'em while they're underwater and they sink like a rock. (To test this theory on yourself, place a wet, warm washcloth across your face and see how it relaxes you. Just don't lay on a rock in the backyard crapping all over yourself like a seal or the neighbors will complain. And they thought carcasses were bad!)

please make sure it'sleagal to shoot beavers

This response submitted by mark on 11/20/2002. ( )

in illinois it's illeagal to shoot muskrats mink and beaver a person can only trap them make sure it's legal even if one person says shoot them you could get in hot water if they are in your possesion with buckshot holes in them I have to laugh when i think of a beaver shot flipping around would not want to be there good luck

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