I Have a Gall Bladder for Sale

Submitted by Rick on 12/06/2002. ( vtbiker01@hotmail.com )

I harvested a bear this fall (legally) and have the gall bladder tied off and frozen. I don't know if there is really a market for it or not. I read the F&W Manual and it states that it is legal to sell. Across the Canada border would require a permit which I will apply for if need be.

Please reply to this email address if interested.

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Bad image

This response submitted by Jim on 12/06/2002. ( )

I truely believe selling the gall bladders of bears gives hunters a bad image and gives ammo to anti-hunters to attack us. If it is not illegal everywhere now I think it should be. To much abuse of this bear body part has taken place on the world stage. "In my humble opinion."

As of the 1994 Laws

This response submitted by CapeFear on 12/06/2002. ( Marc@Taxidermy1.com )

It was still allowed in these eight states -- New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Idaho, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine -- these states did allow the sale and export of the bear parts, but the research I did showed that this was in 1994. I would definitely take steps from any legal reprocussions that you may be subject to. Conservationists say it is these eight states in which sale and export of black bear parts are allowed that was causing the poaching problems we face today, and I agree. Bill Giather stated it best in a past post on this subject and I quote, "The chinese still drag their cave ancestor's methods along with them into the twentieth century. The use a lot of mammalian and reptilian products in attempts to remaine virile and keep good vision and retard aging.
I personally think it a terrible waste of wildlife to feed those pagan practices and feel that the slaughter that has taken place to keep some old Asian's pecker straight is foolish and wanton. Well said Bill. Marc R

Bear Galls

This response submitted by Bob on 12/06/2002. ( tax43@hotmail.com )

As long as you are in a state that says it's legal, such as I do In the Great State of New York. If you got the bear legally then sell it. Don't let others opinions stop you from selling what you own, and you do own the gall bladder from the bear you legally harvested. There is a big difference between an ethical hunter selling his property and that of a poacher killing just to get the gall from the bear. You might want to check with maybe a local chinese take out place. You might have a buyer just down the street and don't even know it.
Ethical hunters don't hunt bear for the gall bladder, they hunt because they want the meat. There are also trophy hunters who simply
hunt to get the hide for a mount "bragging rights"? I have no problem
with either type of hunting. I also don't have a problem with selling a gall bladder.
As far as "These 8 States" causing the problem I doubt that very much. The killing of bears for their gall bladders is not "caused" by hunters or even poachers, It is "caused" by the demand for the item. If there was no demand for bear gall bladders do you think the bear Rick shot would still be running in the woods? No I think he still would have went bear hunting, the only difference is the gall bladder would have been thrown out.
Now I have to go lay down, this is the most I have ever typed on this forum and I'm tired.

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