Skunks/Possums living in dirt crawl space under house!

Submitted by Jessica on 04/14/2003. ( )

any help on this subject is greatly appreciated. Just over a year ago
my fiance and I bought a older home that has a dirt crawl space for half
of the basement, possums and skunks have made their way into the basement
through access underneath the porch area and where the foundation of the house
is weak. My outside cat also uses these access ways to gain shelter when bad weather
approaches, how do we get rid of these nasty pests without shutting off the
cat's route to the basement? We have already live trapped a few possums and relocated them, killed 3,
and have attempted to kill the skunks with worry they will spray, a friend suggested
to gut shoot the skunks but will that just encourage them to hide in the
basement to die? I do not know how many skunks and posssums are taking up
house down there but am reluctant to crawl in there and find out. Does
anyone have any suggestions ?

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moth ball flakes

This response submitted by wetnwild on 04/14/2003. ( )

Sprinkle some moth ball flakes on the soilunder the crawlspace. It works like a charm. You will have to repeat this step if thre crawlspace is susseptible to being washed out during rain

Moth ball flakes are temporary solution if that.....

This response submitted by Chris on 04/15/2003. ( )


Moth ball flakes may work on occasion, but from my experience they are not worth the time or effort. You are on the right track with the cage trapping. If you set the cage trap with a tarp over the top, door still accessible to the animal of course, you can quietly and slowly move any trapped skunks in the trap to a spot where they can be dispatched humanely. Do not gut shoot any animal, it is inhumane and not necessary. Second, I would look into securing the opening to the crawl space and installing a pet door. Ocassionally the skunks and possums may manage to get in, but it will decrease the number of incidents. Make sure you are not leaving any uneaten pet food outside as well, that only serves to attract more critters to the area.



This response submitted by Coyote on 04/15/2003. ( )

Any skunk you get in a live trap, cover the trap with a tarp or some king of blanket. And move the trap slowly. If the skunk can't see you it won't spray. The best way I found to dispatch them after that is to drown them. Hope this helps


Skunks and possums, entertainment for house cats

This response submitted by Jessica on 04/15/2003. ( )

thanks to all who posted advice on the critters, we did have
reservations about the gut shooting of skunks, your advice confirms that
our reluctance to do so was a good thing....we will keep trapping and
releasing, thanks for the idea of covering the trap with a tarp, I have
a feeling this will work well, transporting the little stinkers in trap on the
back of a pick up to later release sounds better than shooting the buggers. On a more positive
note house cats are greatly entertained by the skunk and possum activity
they love peering out the patio doors at them, the motion lights went off last
night and a skunk decided strike a pose for us.....these guys can be pretty
comical, they can barely get up on the porch having to use the steps and
bouncing off the porch side when we shoo them away. Sometimes they walk
along the porch and all you see is the tip of their tails...the sealing of
access ways and installation of a pet door is a great idea, something worth
a try! thanks again! sincerely with great appreciation,

would a smoke bomb (firework) be a good idea

This response submitted by jessica on 04/17/2003. ( )

I was wondering if I would put a smoke bomb and light it in the crawl space
would this scare out the skunks and possums by making them feel there
was a fire? a better understanding of what our crawl space
consists of: it reminds me of a dirt cavern that has a few small tunnels(just the right size
for critters to make themselves cozy),
mounds of dirt and a tight narrow walkway to the left,a wall of dirt with about a foot
and a half space between the underside of the house and dirt bed in the rear
containing tunnels to the inner wall of the basement.


This response submitted by jg on 04/23/2003. ( )

must kill them,that way they wont find there way back to yours or anyone elses house

dispatch skunks

This response submitted by coonwise on 04/25/2003. ( )

hi jessica most states do not allow the release of skunks & racoons because of rabies & disease spreading possibilitys. possums are ok here if ya have land owner permission. on dispatching skunks keep them covered as mentioned earlier take to water that will allow total submergin of cage. i do this with all animals to keep blood out of cage. hope this helps Mike Wise

got an oppossum in the airconditioner/heater dies

This response submitted by karl on 08/15/2003. ( )

got an oppossum in the heater fan, fried, burned and made a nasty smell in the house. i have brought the dogs up from the barn to search the crawl space under the house, one dog stayed under the house for an hour but did not emerge with anything. we need them (opppossums) because i can't afford the $60 per possum to have someone come and get them

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