Working on a partially skinned fox?

Submitted by Airk on 06/03/2003. ( )

Weird question I know. Is it possible to stuff a fox that has been partially skinned - like just the pelt has been removed with fur still on the head, feat etc...? Or is the pelt necessary for stuffing the animal? This is a legit question for an artist I know. I realize it is odd. Thanks.

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This response submitted by FatBack on 06/03/2003. ( )

I just fixed a little snack & poured me a cold drink...think I'll just sit back and see how this one goes!

Partial skin= partial mount

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 06/03/2003. ( )

Airk, This question reminds me of a guy that showed up at my shop with a cooler full of turkey feathers, a head , pair of feet all floating in ice water and wanted me to mount it. If you have a fox with skin removed except for the feet and head no one is going to be able to do much for you. Not saying it's not POSSIBLE to sew it all back together assuming you have all of the parts but not likely you will want to pay the price for all the extra work even if you find somebody up to the challenge. Having said that, I have always maintained that just about anything is mountable if you want it badly enough. Foxec are easy to come by, I would just watch for another if I were you. -Aaron H.

Fatback, that's C-O-L-D, COLD

This response submitted by George on 06/03/2003. ( )

And I'm just waiting for that other guy to come on and tell me, "There's no such thing as a stupid question". LMAO. He DID say it was a "legitimate" question, didn't he? ROTFLMAO Yox, you're the artist. You answer the artist's question. LOL.

Great Minds........

This response submitted by Old Fart on 06/03/2003. ( )

......You know the rest! George, I was going to try to answer but my thought was the same as yours. I couldn't see the keys to type, the tears were too thick and I was laughing too hard.

I think he means

This response submitted by Alex on 06/04/2003. ( )

That the head and feet have not been skinned out yet and the head or skull is still unskinned.?
if that is so then you can have it mounted.
and by the way the terminology is mounted not stuffed.
as you can see stuffed to some means cheetos and beer.

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