Grey Fox Long

Submitted by Cary on 06/04/2003. ( )

Hi, I have a grey I bought and it was case skinned with head and feet still intact. Any way I took measurements with out pulling on it before and after it was tanned. It was 33 inches from nose to base, the biggest form out there is 24 or 25. Do you think Ill have to alter a form, or is it long because its off the carcass.
Thanks to all, Cary

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Long fox

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 06/04/2003. ( )

Cary, The fox skin measures long because it has been hung to dry and is stretched long- a common condition for tanned hides. If you intend to mount it you will have to rehydrate it and stretch it width wise which will effectivly reduce the length to somewhere near it's original length. To ease the job of mounting I would suggest that you select a form 1 or 2 inches shorter (nose to tail) than the skin seems to call for. Enjoy, Aaron H.

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