Full body Bear Mount on log

Submitted by Lisa on 06/05/2003. ( didriksendeke@attbi.com )

Hi! My husband just recently got a black bear that we are interested in mounting. I saw a picture of a bear mount in a log home magazine that I loved, but I can't find it again. I am wondering if anyone can help me ... I would like the mount to be of the black bear (who is a smaller black bear - approx. 120 lb) to be full size lying on a log/tree branch. Does anyone have a picture of a mount done this way? Please help!

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Try McKenzie's Taxidermy

This response submitted by Eddie the Stuffer on 06/05/2003. ( )

We did one for my partner's brother about that size and it came out beautifully....
McKenzie's phone number is 1-800-279-7985
Call for a free catalog...
Luck to ya !

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