Attaching freeze dried animals to base

Submitted by Ryan L on 06/06/2003. ( )

I just got a weasel and a flying squirrel back from being freeze dried. My problem is that there are no wires or anything sticking out to attach them to a base. How do I go about attaching them to a base? Thanks, Ryan

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Good Question...

This response submitted by Perry on 06/06/2003. ( )

an even better one would be to ask who ever did your freeze drying
why they didn't leave an attachment wire? As for your problem,
you have a few options.

1) depending on the poses, you can simply use a two part epoxy like
smooth out or an equivalent to attach it to the habitat. A word of
caution, do not use water based glues, you will rehydrate the points
that come in contact with the glue.

2) you can grind a point on the end of a wire of appropriate diameter,
and length and then rehydrate the portion of the specimen that will serve
as the point of attachment(ie a leg) and then try and work the wire up into it.
(this is a little more difficult). Use methanol to rehydrate. or search
the archives for other suitable solvents to rehydrate with.

3) contact the person who did the freeze drying and ask them to rehydrate,
insert wires and then redry the speciments.


This response submitted by ETCC on 06/29/2003. ( )

Taxidermists are always screwing things up. Drill a hole through the base or panel...align the specimen accordingly and use a fine screw from underside to attach it...after applying a drop of Epo-Grip epoxy at the point you're going to screw-yer-specimen.

I've been screwing things up for 1,200 Years now...werks fur me.

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