Repairing facial scars on Mountain Goats

Submitted by Mary on 06/13/2003. ( )

I will be mounting my first lifesize mountain goat and it has some facial scarring on the show side of the animal right below the eye which is too large of an area to cut out and sew back together. I'm looking for repair ideas other than just paint. The surface area of this repair is the size of a nickel and triangular in shape. I've patched hair in bear faces before and then trimmed it to the correct length, but would like some input before I go that route.

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Same method, Mary

This response submitted by George on 06/14/2003. ( )

I'm a big user of clear silicone RTV, but I guess any glue would work. What I like about RTV is that it stays put and a very thin layer will support hair without sloughing off. I'd mount the goat and let dry. Paint the area with a thin layer of RTV and then clip some wool from an area it wouldn't be seen. (A great place would be from the hide you have to push into the relief cuts behind the legs.) Always cut longer wool than the facial wool. Set it in the silicone and allow to dry. Then carefully groom and trim the hair to match the facial hair length. I've done several this way and telling where the repair was, was virtually impossible.

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