Open mouth, insert critter

Submitted by Bob on 06/22/2003. ( )

I need some help with open mouth work. What is the perfered method to do open mouth on a fox and inserting a quail or squirrel? Do I still put in a jaw set? Thanks.

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Bird in mouth

This response submitted by mike d on 06/22/2003. ( )

Just finished a coyote/pheasant mount.
No jaw set, it doesnt show anyway.
What I did was buy a closed mouth form and open it myself;
you could buy an open mouth without the jaws, too.
Using a modeling tool cut a thin slice all the way
around the inside of the lip, when you mount the dog, you can
tuck the lipskin down into this slot and run a bead of superglue
over it- it's not going anywhere!
When coyote is dry mount your bird; here's a trick I used:
Carve your bird body from firm upholstery foam rubber with a
pair of scissors!
Use the lightest wire possible (I used 20 gauge baling wire), this lets you position legs and neck "hanging" easier.
Mount like usual and when sewn up position in coyotes mouth, fasten in place with two sharpened wires - one coming up through the bottom
of the mouth and one coming down through the muzzle.
use 12 gauge wire or loop pins; cut the heads off and push them
clear through the skin- back brush the hair and you won't be able to find them.
Don't cut the ends off until the mount is dry, in case you decide to reposition the bird a little.
You can also paint the inside of the mouth dark brown, in case there is a slight gap somewhere.
Open the mouth only about the width of the bird body diameter.

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