How to mount bear rug on wall?

Submitted by larry on 07/29/2003. ( )

I have a rather large black bear rug mount with full size head mounted on black backing. How would you mount this on a wall?

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Nail It Up

This response submitted by Old Fart on 07/29/2003. ( )

Locate the studs. Position the rug. Pound in the nails(8d finish nails). Nail through the leather, not the felt border. To remove, pull the bear off the nails and remove the nails.

Bear rug hanging

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 07/29/2003. ( )

Larry, The finish nails will work like Old Fart said but I use another way. When I do a rug I sew in rings under each paw and the tail.Plain key rings sold in most hardware stores are good. Also screw in a hanger under the head (be careful not to run screw up into lower jaw set). Then the rug can be hung on screws in wall directly by the rings or by tying with cord. If you are not comfortable doing this any good taxidermist can help you. -Aaron H.

I Used To Do That, Too

This response submitted by Old Fart on 07/29/2003. ( )

Unless you go out and match the rug to the customer's wall studs and then sew the rings in the proper locations, it is a waste of time. Then the customer calls back and wants the rings changed. With the finish nails it is a five minute job.

rug up

This response submitted by mike on 07/31/2003. ( )

A locking type game head hangar or 2 on the head and sewing needles tapped in around the edge works great and won't leave large holes. Needles are hard and will tap in pins are soft and will bend

Does the head go up or down?

This response submitted by Ty Cobb on 10/26/2003. ( )

When you mount a bear on the wall on a diagonal, does the head go higher than the rear end or visa versa?

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