Alcohol/Turpentine what?

Submitted by SeaBass on 12/08/2003. ( )

Ok, all have been very helpful providing advice about preserving squirrel hides for mounting. I have two hides, soaking in alcohol/turpentine, rather dry and shrivelled looking. apparently, they should now be rehydrated in borax and water....what will that do? does it acually preserve them? so, now can i mount the squirrel on a mannakin with just DP (borax)? Any input would be appreciated. thanks to all who already gave suggestions.

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This response submitted by Old Man on 12/08/2003. ( )

Never did it that way? I simply skin,fleash,borax and mount. I have a couple of Squirrels that are 50 yrs old and still look good. I would rehydrate in water,towel dry,borax and then mount. Borax is not a tanning agent it simply makes rawhide. Never confuse the two or someone will tear you a new A--hole on this sight!

God bless.

How long do I rehydrate?

This response submitted by SeaBass on 12/08/2003. ( )

Yes, I have seen many a new a-hole torn over issues such as that. How long should I rehydrate the squirrel for? and just plain water or should i add something to it? Thanks for the advice, Old man:)


This response submitted by Old Fart on 12/08/2003. ( )

Borax is a drying agent and a bug proofer. You will need to rehydrate only for a short time before the skin is quite workable. Squirrel skins are quite tough and that helps. With anything that is finer skinned it may be wise to let it go a bit longer, but I would keep a close watch on it. Any surfactant(detergent)added to your solution will help in the rehydration.

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