coloring a squirrel tail

Submitted by Jason on 02/23/2004 at 21:43. ( )

I have a black squirrel with shot damage to the tail (12 gauge),I have a replacement tail that is grey. Any suggestions about the best product to dye the tail black.Would a black hair dye work? I guess it would be best to dye the tail before mounting it.Has any one done this before? Thanks Jason

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About tails

This response submitted by Mike on 02/25/2004 at 14:47. ( )


This has nothing to do with your question, directly. I am a vendor at a local squirall inhapbited Renaissance festival in so Cal. We are paid 1.37 for each squirrel we kill by the state. No one is using them, they get trashed. My question: is it POSSIBLE to just vut off the tail and dry it and then sell them as costume parts at the festival? is that possible for me to do?


Mike sorry it is a weird question..

You'll have to skin it

This response submitted by SeaBass on 02/26/2004 at 00:23. ( )

I'm no pro, however I do not believe you can just cut the tail off, you'll have to skin it. This IS however pretty easy. Using a scalpel, make a cut on the top side of the tail from the base of the tail about an inch or so towards the tip of the tail, slicing through the skin. This will reveal the muscle underneath the skin. Next, using your fingers, pull the skin away from the muscle, try and work your way "around" the tail. You can now use a pair of scissors to seperate the loosented tail skin from the skin on the squirrel's body, and peel the skin off the tail, think "pulling the tail out of its skin." This may require a little force, but once you get the hang of it, it couldn't be easier. Next, i would recommend soaking the tail in denatured alcohol, but you do not have to. Then, you should coat the entire inside with borax. You can do this by filling the skinnned tail with borax, OR by splitting the tail all the way open with your scalpel and rubbing borax all over the inside of the tail skin. I hope this description makes sense. Its an extreamly simple idea, easy to do. Email me if you can't understand or if i can help you out a little more.

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