Hair Loss Problem

Submitted by Scott Walburn on 04/04/2004 at 11:09. ( )

I have noticed missing hair on some of my mounts. One of these mounts had all of its hair just a few weeks ago. Suddenly a gap developed on the should of the deer. Upon inspection I could see that the hair had been shortened in an area about 1/4" across. The end of each strand of hair appears to have a strange brownish dot at or near the end of it. What could be causing this problem. I had a similiar situtation on the nose of a coyote that looked perfect for months. I have sprayed them with insect spray and did not see any more damage. But this seems to be temporary fix. I also had a questionable condition on a pheasant.It appeard to be the same thing. Can anyone help my get this stopped? And suggest how to prevent future occurances.

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This response submitted by Jack F on 04/04/2004 at 14:24. ( )

Sounds like a bug problem moths maybe I don't know. How was the skins tanned or weren't they? Jack F

try this

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 04/04/2004 at 15:54. ( )

check out "Deer damaged by moths" in Deer category, I threw an answer there that might help you. I guess mentioning the archives goes without saying...


This response submitted by Michelle B on 04/07/2004 at 08:22. ( )

Your mounts may be getting mites also.
I actually had to take an old freeze-dried fawn mount someone else did for a friend and drill the underside and pour "ortho" in it. And in the ears then epoxy the holes shut. He was noticing hair-loss also but he also was seeing saw-dust type stuff on the table it was on. When I checked it out closer there were pencil tip size holes in the skin.
The dark spots on the hair is either bug poop or a lice type nit egg.
Whatever the case, you've got bug problems of some sort. Spray the mounts with a "raid" or something.
Hope you get it taken care of.

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