salt? noniodized?

Submitted by Henry on 04/15/2004 at 18:59. ( )

Hi i was waondering is it ok to use iodized salt on a squirrel or mink.. the table salt stuff? I want to have it tanned and i dont know if the iodized salt will do something that it wont tan? Please help!


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Its fine

This response submitted by Paul on 04/15/2004 at 20:04. ( )

Iodized salt will not hurt a thing, fine to use.


This response submitted by Susan on 04/17/2004 at 23:43. ( )

Iodized salt will contribute to hair-slippage BIG TIME! It's best to use the non-iodized salt. -Susan

The debate

This response submitted by Liz on 04/21/2004 at 23:28. ( )

Definitely use non-iodized... it is a small investment... better to pay a little now than a LOT later.


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