Griz bears-cities permits

Submitted by Mike on 04/19/2004 at 08:54. ( )

Twice in the last week I have seen posts concerning selling grizzly bear skins and having a cities permit. Are griz on the cities list? I have never heard of cities permits for griz in Alaska, but then we can't sell any bear skins here. Where would someone get a cities permit for a bear?

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cities permits

This response submitted by Laurier on 04/19/2004 at 08:59. ( )

Grizzly is most certainly a cities animal.It does not matter where the bear is from it is still on the cities list.
before you sell anything in the U.S.A. call the u.s. fish and wildlife
when selling in Canada always call Canadian Willife services in Ottawa.


This response submitted by fur on 04/19/2004 at 23:31. ( )

To get a Grizzly bear with a CITES permit, you have to buy it from Canada. Same with Black bear. If you wanted a Russian brown bear you would have to import it from Russia with the CITES permit.

Technically, same with mountain lion, but cougars are freely sold with just state game tags attached in practice.

Polar bear are a strict no-no for USA but Canadians can freely buy and sell them (they are on CITES).

It's not cities... we live in cities (well, some of us do). It is CITES.

Talk about confusing

This response submitted by Liz on 04/20/2004 at 09:32. ( )

You guys have it half right.

All bears are on CITES.

CITES only applies to importing from other countries, so if you want a Griz from Alaska, you don't need a CITES....last time I checked, Alaska was in the US. plan to drive through Canada with it on your way home..instead of having it shipped. In that would be exporting it to Canada and then importing it back into the US. You would need a CITES export from the US and a CITES export from Canada.

Same for Cats. Mountain Lions are CITES....however...if you are not importing them, you only need the state tags.

Polar bears are CITES, but because of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, they can only be imported for limited purposes (sport hunted from approved populations)....never strictly for commercial purposes. You can't just go buy one and have it imported regardless of having a CITES permit.

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