Bobcats vs. Spotted Cats

Submitted by Ms. Chip on 04/19/2004 at 23:11. ( )

I am fairly new at taxidermy. I am trying real hard to understand the rules and regulations effecting this new venture. So I had a question about bobcats in the state of Alabama. It is written that I must notify my local game warden within 14 days of receiving one so that it can be tagged. Sounds pretty clear - right ! Well a friend in Georgia had killed 3 last season and asked me if I wanted them for practice and I said sure. Since then a local Alabaman said he had one in his freezer and was looking for a taxidermist -what would I charge,etc. So I called my state taxidermy association president - who suggested I call my local game warden. This is when total confusion sets in--- I was told that they(AL) didn't care about the GA bobcats but if the Alabama bobcat showed up hold on to it and wait until trapping/hunting season opens up and then they can tag it and that bobcats are federally controlled ! So the question is -- are bobcats the same as spotted cats that have federal laws ?

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CITES, the cats have to be tagged by the hunter.

This response submitted by John C on 04/19/2004 at 23:37. ( )

When the cat crosses any state line it must be tagged wit the CITES tag, and the hunter/trapper must be the one who tags it.

Many states require all in state cats to also be tagged.

Some states dont, thats what you need to check.

Since the CITES is Federal it make the untagged cat crossing any state line and LACEY ACT VIOLATION.

Most states allow a period of time after the close of season to get remaining cats skins tagged.

While I dont advocate violating laws, sometimes is better to just shut up.

More Confusion

This response submitted by Ms. Chip on 04/20/2004 at 07:31. ( )

OK.. I read up on the Lacey Act and now I am more confused.
I have hunted out of state and bring home what I successfully and legally have taken, whether it be ducks,geese,bobcats, or deer. The purpose of bringing them home is for the meat and/or taxidermy practicing. Is this law telling me that I must get a Federal tag to bring my game home ? And if so how do you get one ? What about a road kill ?

No, no, no

This response submitted by George on 04/20/2004 at 08:40. ( )

CITES is NOT involved directly here. It MAY be used in establishing criteria at the state level, but CITES is the Convention for the International Trade of Endangered Species. Note that "INTERNATIONAL TRADE" in the the name. Spotted cats referred to there are the leopard, snow leopard,jaguar, and cheeta(I probably missed one or two weird ones). The Lacey Act invokes the interstate transportation of ILLEGALLY TAKEN game. If you traveled outside your state and LEGALLY harvested an animal, whether tagging is required by that state or not, you are NOT in violation of Lacey. An example is I live in Delaware but my home state is South Carolina. I can go there an take a deer which does NOT require tagging by that state, and bring it home with me where a deer DOES have to be registered. That's not to say if some aggressive game warden wanted to make life miserable, I wouldn't have to prove that the deer was taken there, but, by law, no infraction has occurred. If I were to go to Maryland and shoot a deer when their deer season was closed and attempt to bring it to Delaware to register it when our season was open, I would be violation of the Lacy Act.

Your only concern with bobcats SHOULD be with what YOUR state has to say about it. Since they've told you THEIR requirements and how they aren't interested in the Georgia bobcats, be thankful that they seem to have some common sense. There's a LOT of states that don't.

Thank you

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Thank you for straightening out the confusion.

George Bobcats are in the CITES list

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Call the USF&W enforcment division and see.

Many state require the CITES tag to even stay with the mount.

Other than a signed piece of paper how are the cats identified that they are Georgia cats?

AFFADAVIT of legal HARVEST,maybe? Like I said dealing with the cats, I would get them tagged, just like Otters, Fishers and more.

Some Sothern States

This response submitted by scott on 04/20/2004 at 19:17. ( )

are different.I covered this thoroughly a while back.In Louisiana,big game permit holders could harvest 1 bobcat on that license with no other tagging required.So,residents can legally send their cats across state lines to have mounted without a CITES tag.I had talked with the feds and both states and it is legal for them to ship and all I need is customer info with license number to mount.Some states they are considered a nusiance and varies from state to state.The feds only are involved with exporting out of the US so it falls in the hands of each state and their requirements as far as possession and shipping and receiving.This is of course for taxidermy and not buying and selling of raw pelts.

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