coyote on ebay

Submitted by terryr on 04/23/2004 at 15:30. ( )

jsut once i would like to be able to compose a request right the first time - here i s my second attempt - please look at ebay 3673193688 and tell me what you thingk - both good and bad - thanx

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first of all

This response submitted by wetnwild on 04/23/2004 at 16:14. ( )

It may be the camera angle, but in the first picture something just aint right but its hard to put a finger on. From the picture it seems either the muzzle is crooked, or the right front tear duct on the right eye is further back than the left. Just cant put a finger on it. maybe someone else can explain. The alignment of the ears is a little off too, with respect to the perspective of line of eye. Othewise very nice job! These are just subtle things i noticed, and do not detract from the attractiveness at all!

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