coyote question

Submitted by terryr on 04/23/2004 at 00:10. ( )

on a laying coyote how do you hancle the back legs where the form is made in one pice - do i split the skin or split the legs on the manniken

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This response submitted by Bob Mead on 04/23/2004 at 01:48. ( )

I'm guessing you meant to type "handle", otherwise I'm not sure what you mean.
When you are mounting an animal in a position that has one of the legs located tightly to the body, you often have to remove the leg, slip the hide over it, and then reattach it with the hide in place. Sometimes you can dremel out enough of a relief slot between the leg and body to allow the "extra" skin to be pushed in without removing the leg from the form and still maintain the correct alignment of the hide. Not knowing which form you are using, I would recommend using relief slots first...should work okay.

Now, if "Geez people" is reading this, I am very well aware that "dremel" is not a verb, rather a brand name of tool. I think Terry and the rest of the readers understand. BTW, if you are going purport to be the site's "grammar expert", you better brush up on YOUR spelling and usage, too.


This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 04/23/2004 at 09:32. ( )

u dont need gramer to b taxidermist just do it .....
i do fine wif no gramer....and i am makin the bling bling fine...
You would think some people had better things to do than correct someones grammar.....

use a long drill bit

This response submitted by gary on 04/23/2004 at 10:09. ( )

i use about an 8" drill bit 1/4" or so in diameter and open up a slot in between the legs so the skin will slide in.


This response submitted by G-man on 04/23/2004 at 11:20. ( )

Never underestimate the importance of Grammar.She makes great pies, always has a stash of those chocolate turtles,she rules at Christmas and most importantly--keeps Grammper from falling off the wagon!

Bob, I enjoyed that line immensely...

This response submitted by PA on 04/23/2004 at 14:56. ( )

It is those little twists that makes one laugh outloud that makes the forums enjoyable. I tried thinking yesterday of other jargon-like terms and for the life of me, couldn't come up with one. To dremal is a great verb!

Hey G-man

This response submitted by Susan on 04/23/2004 at 20:39. ( )

Have you had a chance to check out the March/April issue of "Taxidermy Today"? It's-a-keeper just like that post from you. I printed it off for my ma-in-LAW. She luved it too!- Susan

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