Can a fox have small ears?

Submitted by Scott on 04/20/2004 at 19:21. ( )

I just got back my grey fox life sized mount from my taxidermist. I only do skulls and have him do all my full mounts. When I got it back it didn't look right; then I noticed the ears are really small, smaller than a bobcat's. Is it possible this was natural or did he just screw up and if so should I ask for a refund?

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This response submitted by George on 04/20/2004 at 20:09. ( )

Scott, it's virtually impossible for a guy to shrink the ears of your fox. I don't know how big you thought they should be, but they ARE about the size of a big bobcat. I'd hate to say you're wrong, but I can think of a whole lot of other things he'd have been more likely to screw up on your mount.


This response submitted by Scott on 04/20/2004 at 22:35. ( )

It's easier to show you and ask what you think than to explain it. I sent you a couple of pictures. Tell me what you honestly think. All the mounts I usually have gotten back from this guy have been good in the past, but if you think this looks like a fox is supposed to look, let me know and I'll be satisfied. If not, I guess there's ebay...they'll buy anything on there. LOL.


This response submitted by George on 04/20/2004 at 22:52. ( )

Scott, I've seen some terrible taxidermy work in my time, but I don't think I ever did anything that bad when I first started. It's definitely NOT the ears, however. Though they are pinched back against the head, one eye's higher than the other, and the muzzle looking like it's been rattlesnake bit, it's that gob of grey Bondo plastered in front of the eye that got my attention. I sure hope you didn't pay a lot for that buttugly thing.

Thanks for the confirmation George.

This response submitted by Scott on 04/20/2004 at 22:57. ( )

That's what I was talking about. It wasn't just the ears. The whole thing was just screwed up. I don't understand it. This guy usually does good work. I don't know what I can do now, but it's definately not pretty to look at. Seriously, it wasn't road kill even though it looks like it now. Maybe he ran over it after he mounted it?

let's see the pic

This response submitted by Gary W on 04/21/2004 at 10:10. ( )

Can you send me a pic?

Sent it, Gary.

This response submitted by Scott on 04/21/2004 at 12:28. ( )

I'm wondering if it can be redone or if it is now ruined. Obviously, when you see it, you'll agree it isn't even worth storing in an attic. And George will tell you I'm not exagerating. George, your fox is beautifully done. Bravo!

what did the guy charge you?

This response submitted by trappersteph on 04/21/2004 at 13:45. ( )

Don't ever go with someone because they are real cheap.Could be worst thing you did. If he charged you high for it, like 400.00, I would go for a refund or take him to court if he won't. If you paid like 150-200,you get what you pay for.

It can be redone depending on the tanning,but if its dry preserved,it may be difficult.

Can't remember exactly except

This response submitted by Scott on 04/21/2004 at 14:18. ( )

I believe it was between $375 and $450; I'd have to look at the receit to be sure. It definately wasn't below that. I also made the mistake of paying in advance. It's a habit I have because I trust people too much sometimes. Like I said, I've seen a lot of his work and on bobcat, sheep, deer, and bear his stuff has looked great.

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