Paint schedule for open mouth bobcat

Submitted by Bazie Dulen on 04/28/2004 at 21:44. ( )

I have looked all over the search engine for a paint schedule for an open mouth bobcat jaw set. Can anyone help with me this paint schedule, it would be greatly appreciated.

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My 2 cents

This response submitted by Travis on 04/30/2004 at 14:14. ( )

I personally use epoxie mixed with red tempra paint to acquire a light pinkish(flesh) color...if your using a 'finished" jawset just try to match your paint to the color of the jawset..I personally do very little painting inside a bobcats mouth...I stick to the epoxy and blend and smooth it real thin..the exterior of the mouth(lips) get a brown and black mix brushed on them...then I lightly feather the edges with a q-tip/laquer thinner...

I put rolls of epoxie in the back corners of the mouth before I reattach the jaws to help cut down on the cus`n later...

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