elk sculpture

Submitted by jim on 07/07/2004 at 19:21. ( jimmarsico@vcn.com )

I have been working on this sculpture for several days in a row now and I am not sure if I am even seeing it anymore. It is a special commission and the client is anxiuos for me to get it finished and I am still afraid to head to the foundry with it. I have only blocked out the antlers so pay no attention to them yet. I would appreciate any CONSTRUCTIVE critic. www.jamesmarsico.com Its on the works in progress page. You can e-mail me direct if you want. Thanks Jim

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This response submitted by marty on 07/07/2004 at 22:28. ( ) c-67-173-51-16.client.comcast.net

Beautiful work Jim. What else can I say?


This response submitted by MS on 07/08/2004 at 11:25. ( bakerview3@aol.com ) cache-ntc-ab08.proxy.aol.com

Jim, Truly an awesome piece of work! Very inspiring.


This response submitted by Vic on 07/08/2004 at 13:13. ( ) spgn30.merr.com

Doesn't happen often, but words can't describe. You are truely blessed!Thanks for sharing.


This response submitted by jim on 07/08/2004 at 14:54. ( )

Well, thank you very much, I appreciate the compliments. I am off to the foundry with it then this afternoon.

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